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  • Rosemary & Honey Cakes

    A not-so-sweet but very delicious cake to bake in a square tray, then cut and paint each little cake with honey and lemon glaze. I use a strong-scented honey, like heather or lavender honey for flavour, which is even better accentuated with the aroma of rosemary. Makes 16 squares Equipment 20cm/8-inch square cake tin, 5cm/2 inches deep, with loose base; base lined with baking parchment, buttered and dusted with flour Ingredients 115g/4oz softened butter 55g/2oz soft light brown sugar 6 eggs, beaten 150ml/5½oz heather honey 12 fresh rosemary leaves, finely chopped 125g/4½oz self-raising flour Pinch...

  • Chocolate Sticks Recipe

    Recipe Courtesy Jane Mason The Book of Buns Buy The Book In my first book there is a description of a bread safari in the Western Cape. One of the amazing bakeries in that lovely region of the world is De Oude Bank Bakkerij in Stellenbosch. The bread is fantastic and these chocolate sticks are super fantastic. I have made the recipe up because I forgot to ask for it and I think the result is close to the real thing. Predough 100g warm water 150g plain white wheat flour pinch of yeast (any kind will...

  • World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

    Macmillan Cancer Support has its World's Biggest Coffee Morning on 30th September and in addition to this, it has produced a lovely little book The Little Book of Treats which is available from Marks and Spencer stores. It contains lots of cake and biscuit recipes that made my wife and daughters ooh and aah - and compelled them to try a couple of them. They made the Beetroot and Chocolate Brownies and Claudia Winkleman's Gingerbread Men, although our girls made Gingerbread butterflies which were delicious. We're going to have a go at the Pumpkin and Ginger Cupcake and Sophie Dahl's Lemon Capri Torte recipes next. Read More

  • No Hassle Honey and Vanilla Ice-Cream

    It is fairly warm outside and the kids are off school so what better than an easy home-made ice-cream? This is a no-hassle ice-cream, made with very few ingredients - no stabilizers, emulsifiers, vegetable oils or any of that nonsense commonly used in mass-produced ice-cream. Read More

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