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Rosinbrod recipe

We’ve a couple of nice new products this week for those that haven’t quite dipped their toes into the world of sourdough baking and are baking with yeast, our new sachets from France might be the stepping-stone. Containing both yeast for a rise like a conventional yeasted dough and sourdough leaven for a mild sourdough flavour, the wheat and spelt sachets are really easy to use. Simply add as you would yeast and off you go. I have been using them for a few weeks now and really like them. They are easy to use and give excellent results – and they work quickly too. To launch our new sachets, we have a special offer for you, below.

To continue our occasional Scandinavian series, this Rosinbrod recipe by Vanessa has all the elements you expect to see in traditional Scandinavian bread. It has treacle, rye and spices and makes wonderful toast.

This is quite possibly one of my favourite breads of all time. It is dark, sweet, rich and fragrant, and improves as it ages (not that it ever gets very old in our house).

The recipe is an enriched dough (this is any dough that has added milk, oil, chocolate, butter, sugar, molasses, honey or egg) and for a really good rise I suggest using osmotolerant yeast. Osmotolerant yeast is a strain of instant dry yeast that is specifically used for enriched doughs because it performs better in high-sugar and enriched bread than other standard yeasts do. In small amounts, sugar will enhance fermentation, but when the percentage of sugar exceeds about 5% of the flour weight, it actually retards the fermentation.

I cannot emphasis enough that fresh spices make the world of difference when you are baking, so if you are delving deep in the back of a cupboard to find an old pot of something, please fling out old dusty spices, that are long past their sell by date and use fresh ones. Lastly Please trust the recipe. It seems rather sticky to begin with, but it does come together as the raisins soak up the moisture.

Take a look at the recipe here and don’t forget our spices here


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