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sharpham park

  • Sharpham Park Farmhouse Loaf From SPELT by Roger Saul

    From Spelt by Roger Saul © Nourish Books 2015, commissioned photography by Lara Holmes This wonderful recipe is from From Spelt by Roger Saul © Nourish Books 2015.  It is a really delicious and straight forward loaf.  If you don't have any spelt portage flakes, then try using some sunflower seeds. Cooks’ tip Warm proving is fine and will produce a good result for breads generally, but for more in-depth and complex flavours, you could try cold proving. For example, you could make a dough in the morning, leave it in a cool place all day, then finish...

  • Sharpham Park's Story of Spelt

    One of the farms leading the resurgence in British spelt growing is Sharpham Park near Glastonbury in Somerset. Owner of Sharpham Park, Roger Saul, cheerfully explains how organic spelt is “dead in the water in terms of commercial farming”. The crop yields at best two tonnes per acre, compared to the four tonnes or more you can get from wheat, albeit with a hefty input of fertilizer. You then need to factor in crop rotation – spelt can be grown on the same land for a year or two, but then the soil fertility needs to be rebuilt by growing...

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