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Show me the Milling

The farmer next door is turning his fields brown as he ploughs this year’s stubble into the ground and sows its winter wheat and other cereals. From the farmers I have spoken to, many have had a poor cereal harvest in the UK since, after a promising spring, we had a long, damp August where it was difficult to harvest the ripe grain. Others though – especially those using multi-strain crops like John Letts, does reasonably well no matter what the weather – just as they did in the Middle Ages.

After a nice long chat with a National Trust miller who bought one of our quern-stone traditional mills to let the younger visitors get an understanding of where the flour from their bread comes from – or at least, where it came from in the distant past, I thought we’d repeat what we did a while ago and offer two of these mills free to a good home. It should be a non-profit organisation, for example, a school, visitor centre or similar that could make use of one to educate.

If you have a good home for one let us know via email or Facebook and we’ll choose two. Please include something about your organisation, who it is that would benefit - and a nice photo.

Home milling seems to be catching on in the UK, having been established in many countries such as Germany and Austria for a long time. I have been using a Komo Classic and experimenting with the flour to find that straight from the mill it is lively and really tasty. I milled some of Foster’s Mill organic wheat grain to make a rich, fresh wholemeal flour and mixed with 50% 00 Soffiata to make a very lively and flavoursome loaf. Even my kids commented on the lovely flavour so it must be good. Give it a try!

Items for the pantry?

The Priors Organic Wheat Grain

This wheat is sold for grinding in a home mill. The wheat has a stored moisture content of around 12%.

KoMo Fidibus Classic

The Fidibus Classic is the most popular grain mill from KoMo, beautifully made from solid beech and with a 12 year warranty and a free supply of grain.

Medieval Peasant's Blend Flour

A very special flour from Lammas Fayre, this authentic Medieval blend of flour has been produced from the same cereals, peas and broadbeans as those grown and eaten by peasants in the medieval period of Britain.

Do you have a sourdough question for Vanessa? Send it to us and the best ones will appear in our next postbag edition and receive a dough whisk.

Suggestion Box

Are we missing something? An usual flour, a particular tin, or a special piece of equipment you’d like to see on our shelves? Let us know and if we decide to stock it, you will receive the very first one of the item you suggest.


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