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sourdough starters

  • Some quick tips on slowing your sourdough down as the weather warms up

    Sourdough can get a bit over excited as the weather warms up. Slow it down using Vanessa's tips and techniques below. As the weather gets warmer your sourdough might need tweaking - after all your sourdough is alive.  Sourdough reacts to its environment, which on the one hand is wonderful because we can control how it behaves, and dreadful on the other, because sometimes there can be several factors affecting your dough all at the same time and deciding which factor to change can be a nightmare. It’s easy to get into a routine with making...

  • San Francisco Sourdough Starter

    Goldrush San Francisco Starter The dried San Francisco starter is very easy to use and will get you started in the world of sourdough baking, quickly and effectively. Once activated, your starter will, if looked after through simple feeding, last forever and you will not need to buy any more. See this article for guidance on looking after your starter. Activating Your San Francisco Starter A point of note for all sourdough (and yeast) baking is that in some places, the tap water can be fairly heavily chlorinated. The job of the chlorine is to kill of yeasts and bacteria...

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