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Store Baker for Whole Foods Market

Things don’t get much more wholesome than bread. The “staff of life,” “our daily bread” and all the other references to bread throughout history makes it clear that bread is central to our lives, regardless of our culture. So, it's no wonder that each store's bakery is such a popular destination.

We bake daily, using only the freshest ingredients, including cage-free eggs, natural butters and the best quality unbleached, unbromated flour available, to offer you the choices you want and need. Our stores feature European style loaves and while selections vary from day to day and store to store, each loaf is made slowly and with care to maximize flavor and texture.

Other selections from our Bakeries include cornbread, foccacia, bagels, croissants, pies, and cakes of all kinds, each one made with love and skill from the finest ingredients.

We never allow artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated fats in any of the products we sell, so the next time the perfume of fresh baked-bread lures you to one of our bakeries, rest assured that whatever you buy for you and your family will be the very best available.

Our Gluten Free Bakehouse

We pioneered gluten-free baking, with an independent offsite bakehouse dedicated exclusively to the creation of an ever-growing number of gluten-free products, from sandwich bread and pizza crust to cookies and extraordinary desserts. Look for items from our gluten free bakehouse in the freezer section of your local store!

The primary function of the Bakery Buyer is to order all products for the Bakery department. The buyer also performs all functions related to breaking down deliveries, moving back stock to the floor, merchandising products, and stocking cases. He or she participates in regional programs for purchasing and promotions and assists the Team Leader in organizing and developing promotional displays.



  • Perform all duties related to all baking sanitation, and stocking of all bakery products.
  • Provide courteous, friendly and efficient Customer Service.
  • Maintain, organize, clean, stock and rotate daily received walk-in products.
  • Assist in the purchasing of items and ingredients for the Bakery department.
  • Keep accurate mix times and temp logs.
  • Mix, divide, shape, proof and bake to ensure consistency in daily production.
  • Communicate daily production needs and information with other Bakery TMs.
  • Proper labeling and dating of all products.
  • Maintain and continually clean and keep department organized.
  • Responsible for achieving and exceeding margin and sales targets.
  • Request and insure proper signs for all sale items.
  • Participate in regional promotions program.
  • Controls spoilage: generate turn movement; and participates in monthly inventory.
  • Establish and maintain positive and productive vendor relationships.
  • Follow and comply with established procedures, including Weights and Measures, health and sanitation, and adhere to safe work practices.
  • Operate and sanitize all equipment in a safe and proper manner.
  • This job posting is intended to describe the general requirements for the performance of this job. It is not a complete statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements. Other duties not listed here may be assigned by leadership.


  • Permanent
Expected hours
  • 40 hours per week
Qualifications Required   

Personal Qualities

  • Ability to follow a production schedule and to prioritize tasks.
  • Good communication and organizational skills, excellent math skills
  • Ability to take direction and follow directions and recipes.
  • Thorough knowledge of Bakery and juice bar products industry trend as well as nutritional information.
  • Willingness to taste and evaluate all products offered in department
  • Ability to understand and effectively communicate Quality Goals to customers.
  • Ability to work well and communicate with others as a part of a team.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Understand the importance of all waste, spoilage and transfers to department.
  • Ability to learn proper and safe usage of steam kettle, hot plate and Hobart mixer
  • Available for flexible scheduling to meet the needs of the department.



  • £17680pa


  • For more information contact

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