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Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming volume of orders, we are currently unable to accept any more at least until tomorrow morning when we will review the situation.

This is the first time we have ever had to take such action, and it is not something we do lightly, but it is the only option that we have left in order to manage the demand the like of which we have never experienced.

Please check here again in 24 hours when hopefully we will be able to re-open our doors.

Many thanks for your understanding, BakeryBits Team

aidan chapman

  1. Hot-Cross Buns Phoenix Bakery Style

    Hot-Cross Buns Phoenix Bakery Style
    Aidan Chapman of the Phoenix Bakery in Weymouth likes to do things properly and his annual two-week stint making 1000s of hot-cross buns is no exception. We chatted about them recently and he mentioned his frustration at not being able to get a really good non-chemical clove oil, the flavour that turns a fruit bun into a hot-cross bun (that, and the cross!). So, we decided to have some specially made containing nothing but clove essence suspended in sunflower oil. It is good stuff - and you don't need to use a lot. In return, Aidan generously parted with his special hot-cross bun recipe.
  2. A Day in the Life of a Phoenix Baker

    Recently, Aidan Chapman, master baker and joint owner with his wife, Lisa, of the Phoenix Bakery in Weymouth invited me to come along and spend a Saturday on his Apprentice Course to experience his one-man artisan bakery at first hand. It's a compact bakery with the shop-front split between sales and baking, all on full display to passing trade. Above the shop and bakery, Aidan has a café through which there is a steady stream of customers munching on the pick of the day's quiche, bruschetta and cake with a fresh coffee. Read More

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