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  1. Garden Herb Sourdough

    Garden Herb Sourdough
    Gardens are burgeoning with greenery so it is a good time for a straightforward sourdough loaf using garden herbs. This loaf is fairly light containing mostly white flour with some rye and spelt flour for more complex flavours. I used a selection of herbs currently in our garden: parsley, coriander, sorrel, chives, rosemary and a good helping of nasturtium leaves which have a mild peppery flavour. You can any herbs that you have, just make sure that you take out any woody bits before finely chopping them all up.
  2. Oblong Baker

    Oblong Baker
    Our product of the month is our Oblong Baker. Use it for small crusty baguettes, or a string of rolls, keeping the crust crunchy and the crumb soft. Priced at £44.39 inc VAT - find yours <a href="https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/oblong-covered-baker.html">here</a> Buy The Product

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