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  1. Sweet summer breads

    As the summer temperatures soar, we’ve made a seasonal switch from crusty winter loaves to enriched sweet doughs. Brioche works particularly well as a simple, light base for summer flavours. We recently teamed up with talented professional, Angus McCaig, Head Chef at The Holt, Honiton to create a delicious brioche baguette recipe. Try adding essential oils and candied peels to...
  2. Brilliant Brioche with Angus McCaig

    Brilliant Brioche with Angus McCaig
    Brioche is a simple yet versatile bread, perfect for making into different shapes and providing a good base for additional flavours. We've teamed up with Angus McCaig, Head Chef at The Holt, Honiton, to create an authentic brioche baguette recipe.
  3. Orange blossom brioche bread

    Orange blossom brioche bread
      The brioche are still pride of place on the counter in the bakery where Vanessa did her apprenticeship. Orange blossom brioche bread Heaven is lightly toasted brioche,  marmalade and a pot of tea. The very first job I was given when I started my apprenticeship the bakery in the south of France was to break the eggs for the...

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