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  1. The Dusty Knuckle Bakery

    The Dusty Knuckle Bakery
    Craft Food London run a wide variety of courses which teach you how to make amazing artisan foods in your own home. We work with some of the best artisan producers in the capital, who are dedicated to their craft and want to share their skills with you.  Our classes are  small - never more than 12 and sometimes as...
  2. Cookery School

    Cookery School
    Cookery School at Little Portland Street has something to offer all food lovers: classes and courses for beginners and more experienced cooks, as well as sessions on specialist topics. We also run corporate cookery events, cooking parties and private classes on request. Set up by Rosalind Rathouse, a cook with over 40 years of teaching experience, Cookery School is founded...
  3. Paul

    Paul - Maison De Qualité Fondée En 1889 Our expert bakers will share their knowledge of the traditional, hand-crafted way we bake our bread.You will be able to mix, shape and bake your own perfect loaf. As a reward for all of your hard work, we will treat You to Afternoon Tea a la française. Gift vouchers are on sale...
  4. Kensal Kitchen

    Kensal Kitchen
    Come and join one of our small, informal classes to find out how rewarding baking your own delicious real bread can be. They include an introduction to everyday bread-making; dark and rye bread; sourdough and seasonal baking.Classes are led by enthusiastic baker Sandra Benet, who is passionate about helping people develop the confidence to bake more intuitively, producing healthy bread...
  5. Dan Lepard

    Dan Lepard
    Synonymous with artisan baking in the UK and around the world, Dan teaches a limited number of classes which are equally suitable for enthusiastic beginners, passionate bread makers who wants to refine and develop their skills and even professional chefs who want to learn how to make really good bread for their hotel, b&b or restaurant. Classes cover the most important...
  6. Bake with Maria

    Bake with Maria
    Located in St Johns Wood, North London, THE BAKING LAB is the base for all Bake with Maria classes and events and offers a unique program of baking courses and cooking experiences. So whether you are a baking novice or a keen home baker, Maria Mayerhofer and her team (including Real Bread Campaign ambassador Emmanuel Hadjiandreou) offer a wide variety...
  7. Ma Baker

    Ma Baker
    Why buy a bread maker when you can learn to become one? Learn the art of how to make really good bread in small, informal expertly lead classes with award winning Ma Baker. All classes are held in my Fulham kitchen, and are for a maximum of four participants. They assume no prior cooking/baking experience and are taught in a...
  8. The Fermentarium

    The Fermentarium
    The Fermentarium is a base for experiments in fermentation, located at the Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow. We want to encourage all forms of fermentation in order to reclaim our food. We specialise in sourdough bread. Our sourdough classes are run by Simon and David who have taught hundreds of people to bake over the last few years. We run 3...
  9. Blackheath Cooks

    Blackheath Cooks
    Blackheath Cooks offers fun, hands on, small-group baking classes for cooks of all ages and abilities. Our mission is 'putting the fun back into cooking', so whether it's cupcake decorating, traditional bread baking, pastry masterclasses or American cookie baking, our classes will increase your confidence and enthusiasm for baking.
  10. Virtuous Bread

    Virtuous Bread
    Virtuous Bread makes it fun and easy for people to make, buy, and learn about good bread and in so doing to forge the link between bread and virtue! We are a social enterprise dedicated to changing the world through bread and our activities include volunteering, speaking, baking, writing and teaching. We teach baking courses (basic bread, sourdough bread, and...

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