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  1. The finest flavours of the world

    The BakeryBits team are always on the lookout for the best baking equipment and ingredients from all corners of the globe. We are pleased to be offering a variety of the world’s finest flavours with the arrival of our two newest product ranges! Following an extremely informative journey discovering the differences between olive oils – the complexities of the flavours...
  2. What Makes a Good Olive Oil Good?

    What Makes a Good Olive Oil Good?
    Stocking Pelia olive oil has taken the team at BakeryBits on a bit of a journey to understand the differences between olive oils especially the complexities of the flavours - and how to characterise them. Philip at Pelia has given us the benefit of his extensive knowledge, some of which is related here. Philip describes the key aspects of olive oil flavours and what to look for when you taste them. The way that olives are grown and transformed into the delicious oil is a very important contributor to the final quality of the oil. We have a video showing how this is performed at Pelia along with a description of all of the stages in making the oil. We found it interesting enough to warrant a blog article and hope that you agree. Continue reading →

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