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prooving baskets

  1. Choosing and Using Cane Proving Baskets

    What is a Proving Basket? The proving basket, known in France as a Banneton and in Germany as a Brotform - and all three in English is used to support the bread dough while it proves just before it is baked. They give support the hand-shaped dough which is particularly important with doughs with a high water content and with slow-proving naturally-leavened breads. Read More
  2. Basic Equipment

    Artisan bread-making is an extremely rewarding and traditional craft using natural leaven to raise the dough and create fantastically tasty sourdough breads! So how do you get started? Read More
  3. Wicker Proving Baskets

    Wicker Proving BasketsWicker Baskets are a traditional, wicker proving basket, lined with a linen cloth. At BakeryBits we keep these in various sizes and shapes, the weight indicating the weight of the dough that the basket is designed for. This is a nominal weight as some doughs are denser than others - although it's a pretty good guide Read More

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