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  1. Basic Equipment

    Artisan bread-making is an extremely rewarding and traditional craft using natural leaven to raise the dough and create fantastically tasty sourdough breads! So how do you get started? Read More
  2. The San Francisco Sourdough has landed!

    Phew, an expedited batch of San Francisco Sourdough Starter has just arrived from San Francisco. The other shipment is still languishing in Germany. According to the United States Postal Service, Germany is the next in the drop-down list of countries, to Great Britain. No points for being close though...They say that the parcel will be re-routed "at some time". Lucky...
  3. What is Real Bread?

    Real Bread at the Phoenix Bakery Real Bread at the Phoenix Bakery On the day that a BBC Radio 4 PM article discusses the merits of Subway becoming more prevalent than McDonald's in the UK on the grounds that a sandwich is perceived to be a healthy option, is all bread "real bread"? The most basic bread recipe has just flour, water, salt and a raising agent, typically yeast. In Austria and Germany there was once a law, the Reinheitsgebot, where only water hops and barley were permitted to feature in beer. Many German brewers still declare compliance on their labels. Maybe something similar should  be put in place for Real Bread? CAMRA has a definition for Real Beer but, the trouble is, for bread, we like to vary things by adding ingredients to create varieties with interesting, or even challenging, flavours and textures. Read More

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