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sourdough starter

  1. Sourdough Starters - How Do you Care For Yours?

    Ask a dozen bakers how they look after their sourdough starter (or leaven), you'll probably get a baker's dozen replies. Everyone starts by avidly following guides to get started - Dan Lepard's method in his excellent The Handmade Loaf is how I started mine, several years ago now. Read More
  2. Roast Barley Malt Flour Loaf

    Roast Barley Malt Flour Loaf
    This beautifully tasty loaf was made using a standard wholemeal sourdough bread recipe, with a small proportion of RBM flour added which lifted both flavour and colour to produce a delicious loaf that once tasted will be gone.
  3. Making a Sekowa Baking Ferment Starter

    Making a Sekowa Baking Ferment Starter
    A good way to use the Sekowa Baking Ferment is to make up a batch of starter from it which is then consumed as you make your bread recipes. This article shows how to make a batch of the starter (not a sourdough starter) which will keep in your 'fridge for a couple of months, to be used as you need it.
  4. San Francisco Sourdough Starter

    San Francisco Sourdough Starter
    The San Francisco Starter has been discontinued since this article was written and replaced with the BakeryBits Dried Sourdough Starter (Wheat). Goldrush San Francisco Starter The dried San Francisco starter is very easy to use and will get you started in the world of sourdough baking, quickly and effectively. Once activated, your starter will, if looked after through simple feeding...
  5. Garden Herb Sourdough

    Garden Herb Sourdough
    Gardens are burgeoning with greenery so it is a good time for a straightforward sourdough loaf using garden herbs. This loaf is fairly light containing mostly white flour with some rye and spelt flour for more complex flavours. I used a selection of herbs currently in our garden: parsley, coriander, sorrel, chives, rosemary and a good helping of nasturtium leaves which have a mild peppery flavour. You can any herbs that you have, just make sure that you take out any woody bits before finely chopping them all up.
  6. Vanessa Kimbell answers our Sourdough Questions

    Vanessa Kimbell answers our Sourdough Questions
    Sourdough Special Many of you know Vanessa as our in house baker for Bakerybits, but she is often referred to as The Queen of Sourdough because day-to-day she teaches domestic bakers to make sourdough at the Sourdough School in Northamptonshire. She has a special interest in bread in relation to health, and is also a regular contributor to the BBC...
  7. Some quick tips on slowing your sourdough down as the weather warms up

    Some quick tips on slowing your sourdough down as the weather warms up
    Sourdough can get a bit over excited as the weather warms up. Slow it down using Vanessa's tips and techniques below. As the weather gets warmer your sourdough might need tweaking - after all your sourdough is alive.  Sourdough reacts to its environment, which on the one hand is wonderful because we can control how it behaves, and dreadful...
  8. Panettone - tricky but reliable

    Panettone - tricky but reliable
    Serves: 10, and keeps for about a week Prep time: one hour Cooking time: 45-50 minutes Preheat oven to 175ºC Gas 4Ingredients: 175g sourdough starter (1:1) 150g milk 4 medium eggs 3 level tsp aroma panettone (please note that this is a strong flavour blend so feel fee to reduce if you want) 10g osmotolerant yeast 650g type "0" manitoba...

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