"Penny and Dragan take the mystery out of bread-making, but leave all the magic." (A.McCafferty) 

Our artisan baking workshops are held in our cottage micro-bakery in the village of Sparkwell, just 20 minutes from the stunning south Devon coast. We have taught ages from 8 to 80-something, people from all walks of life, whole families, absolute beginners and some pretty serious bakers too. We provide a relaxed and deliberately informal setting because experience shows that people who are having fun make better bread! Our one-day workshops start at £110 per person. 

Choose from: 
Artisan Baking for Beginners; Artisan Sourdough & Rye (how to make, maintain and bake with your own wild yeast leaven); Wheat-free Workshop; Gourmet-friendly Gluten-Free Day, Viennoiserie Day, Woodfired Pizza Party, or our unique Micro-Bakery / Micropizzeria Blueprint Days,  which can be adapted to suit complete beginners or experienced bakers, and focus on how to set up your own home-baking business.

Copies of our fully illustrated e-books including notes on techniques and recipes are provided for all workshops. Gift vouchers and B&B are also available, and if you really want to treat someone, check out our Artisan Baking Weekends!