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The best non stick mats – ever!

Our new regular delivery service is proving to be popular. We can send you your fresh yeast, Panibois baskets or flour automatically so you need never run out. Just click how often you would like delivery when you put the item into your basket in the normal way. Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we'll do the rest.

We’ve just revamped one of our most popular products, our non-stick silicone baking mats. The mats are tough, flexible, non-stick and reusable. We’ve had them made for us in 3 sizes to suit most domestic baking trays, I hope you like them.

* please note that the photo of the mats on the washing line is just to show them off, but we actually just dry them with a tea-towel normally!

I’m smiling, because I have to admit that one of the main reasons I love these mats is because they are so easy to wash up. I really hate having to scrub baking sheets, and anything I ever bake on these mats just comes straight off. Even if you slightly over bake something they are 100% reliable and I can testify that they go on for years and years. I bake everything on them, from croissants to scones, to biscuits and bread, and they are fabulous if you want to temper chocolate or even sugar work, leaving it to set so it can be peeled off. Delicate meringues and macaroons also come off intact…I might be coming over as especially enthusiastic about these mats - because I am.

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