The BakeryBits team are always on the lookout for the best baking equipment and ingredients from all corners of the globe. We are pleased to be offering a variety of the world’s finest flavours with the arrival of our two newest product ranges!

Following an extremely informative journey discovering the differences between olive oils – the complexities of the flavours and how to characterise them – we are now stocking Pelia Artisan Cold-Pressed Olive Oil. Pelia artisan olive oil is grown in the Epidavros region of the Peloponnesse and is some of the best Greek olive oil available. The Manaki olives produce a very fresh and grassy olive oil with a very delicate flavour and a smooth aftertaste that does not burn the throat. Use the oil in breads, for general cooking, kneading and, of course, on salads. You can read all about our journey discovering what makes a good olive oil on our blog.

Make sure you also take a look at Ndali Vanilla, which has also just arrived to BakeryBits. The Ndali Estate is a 1000-acre farm set in volcanic soil in the tropics of Western Uganda. The farm specialise in the organic, Fairtrade growing and curing of fine vanilla, the best of which is sold as ‘Ndali’ vanilla. Our resident baking expert Vanessa Kimbell recently visited Ndali and met Lulu Sturdy, the owner to find out what makes the best vanilla and to see the curing process. Read her blog post and watch her behind-the-scenes video on the BakeryBits blog.