An article published in The Guardian in mid January about posh artisanal toast costing as much as £2.50 a slice shocked bakers far and wide. It’s an astonishing amount of money, but then toast is brilliant food. It’s fast, tasty, filling and, as long as you are not sitting in an upmarket restaurant, inexpensive.

So what makes good toast? The answer of course is good bread. Ideally bread that is a few days old makes better toast. It’s also a great way to enjoy slightly stale bread as the flavour of real bread is more developed and the texture is crunchier.

If you really want to have extra tasty toast then there are a few things you can do to your regular loaf that can really bump up its toastability factor. Try replacing 10% of your regular flour with rye flour. This seemingly small extra amount gives your bread a fruity base note to it, without affecting the rise. Try adding in some texture and boost your health at the same time with extra sunflowers seeds. These light grey seeds might not look like much at first glance but they add crunch and contain phytosterols, which are compounds found in plants that have a chemical structure similar to cholesterol which are believed to reduce blood levels of cholesterol and in turn enhance the immune response and decrease risk of certain cancers. They also happen to taste sweet and nutty when toasted.

Alternatively you can add 10 – 15 ml of our orange essence and throw a handful of sesame seeds on top. I promise you that the smell of toasted sesame seeds with orange, smothered in butter is simply glorious. As you can tell we really LOVE toast here and Bakerybits headquarters. The toaster lives next to the kettle and once one person toasts a slice of bread then the smell wafts through the warehouse reminding us to have a break. We’ll have a slice with butter and jam washed down with a cup of tea, before getting back to packaging up your orders. So when we heard about the first-ever National Toast Day with Wyke Farms we couldn’t resist telling you all about it. You can find out more here - it is taking place on Tuesday 25 February 2014.

The event is being organised by Tiptree who rather appropriately also run The World Bread Awards Toast has been scientifically proven to be the UK’s number one feel-good food and Britain’s most loved food smell.

Unsurprisingly Professor Tim Jacob, School of Biosciences at Cardiff University has discovered that the smell of toast triggers memories of happiness.

Anyone taking part can win one of lots of toast-appropriate prizes to win, from a Baker's Starter Kit from ourselves, Wyke Farms hampers to Tiptree jams, toasters to an Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Butter Dish, all you need to do to enter is tweet @worldbreadaward @wykefarms with the hashtag #fiftytastesoftoast about how you like your toast. Lightly toasted Rye bread, white fluffy and crunchy, lightly toasted with marmalade? Golden? Brown? With butter, cheese or jam? Or cut into soldiers and dunked in a soft egg yolk.

Share how you take your toast on Tuesday 25 February 2014 by tweeting @worldbreadaward @wykefarms, #50tastesoftoast and don’t forget to include us @bakerybits for an RT.

Or, post on the National Toast Day Facebook page using the hashtag #50tastesoftoast.

I’m sure our bakers make the best toast!