Easter eggs are so out this year. Forget eating Easter eggs ... get baking instead with our list of top must have baking essentials this Easter.

My top Easter buys

Colomba Pasquale Kit

Our Colomba Pasquale Kit - £19.47 (save 20%)

Bake your own traditional Italian Easter cake Colomba Pasquale (Easter dove). Legend has it that Colomba Pasquale has been made in Italy since 530 AD from eggs, butter, flour and citrus oil.  This superb kit comes with Colomba Pasquale cases, Fiora di Sicilia essence, Manitoba flour, pearl sugar, beautiful Italian candied orange peel for Vanessa Kimbell’s straightforward Colomba Pasquale recipe (Suitable for beginners). Get your kit today – in time for Easter.

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the book of bunsThe book of Buns - £13.00

If you buy one thing this Easter buy yourself this book. We love it and can’t stop baking from it (Patrick especially likes the no effort Khubza Bil Ashab rolls where everything is thrown in including whatever herbs are to hand, no kneading – just excellent rolls). It is a delicious, inspiring and beautifully photographed book.  With over 50 recipes from around the world there is practically a recipe for every occasion. Who knew that buns could come in such a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours? From Indian Masala buns, Armenian Choreks, Bulgarian Tootmanik’s Gotovo Testo’s from Bulgaria to British Lincolnshire plum buns this book will get you rushing to your kitchen to bake buns over and over again. Buy your copy now.

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Tulip Muffin CasesTulip Muffin Cases - £1.20 pack 12

“Possibly the best muffin cases in the world  - ever.” said Vanessa Kimbell after testing these.  We agree. Fast, easy delicious and muffins are every baker’s go to when you need something quick and delicious on a hurry… these cases are made for the professional baker with the best paper and designs to show off your creations. Check out this Sour Cherry and Fennel recipe and buy some today.

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Fiori di SicilliaFiori di Sicilia - £6.99

Make your house smell like a Southern Italian bakery. This highly fragrant citrus extract with vanilla and mandarin traditionally used in Italy to flavour the Colomba Pasquale Easter cake. Unlike other flavourings that can be bought, this is not a man-made version, this is the real deal.  Pure essence from the essential oil of the citrus fruit grown in the Italian sunshine and blended perfectly; use it sparingly, it’s really strong.  Buy some right now!

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Oblong BakerCovered Baker - £44.39

Want great buns? Then buy covered baker. This is a La Cloche for buns, baguettes or oval loaves. This clay pot replicates the environment of a professional baker’s clay oven and the result is superb bread with a really fantastic crust every time.


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Peel for Domestic Ovens  - £17.86

Every house should have a peel. Peels are cool. It’s not just that a peel is just a beautiful item, and looks superb in any kitchen. It’s brilliant and useful for a talking point as well as being great for putting bread or pizzas onto your baking stone easily and in style. Click here to get yours.


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Dried YeastORGANIC Baking Powder - £1

We know, because we’ve tested a few, that not all baking powders are the same. Some rise better than others.  This organic Italian baking powder is perfectly blended and guaranteed to get your cakes rising every time.


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Chicago Metallic TinsChicago Metallic Baking Tins - from £8.39

Chicago Metallic makes the “must have tins”. These professional tins are what we sell to the commercial bakeries and will last a lifetime – they also make much moister cakes than ordinary tins.  Writer and expert baker Rose Prince says "These beautiful Chicago Metallic tins are tomorrow’s heirlooms. They are professional, deep heavy tins that have a superb finish to them and the end result is that your cakes, muffins and bread are much moister”.  We couldn’t agree more! Click to see full range.

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Chocolate BeansOriginal Beans Chocolate  - from £4.20

Fair’s fair. We love fair food here at BakeryBits, but we especially love fair food when it’s chocolate and even more so when it is good for you.  Did you know that 100g of dark chocolate contains traces of iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and plenty of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium? Original beans chocolate replants more cocoa trees and looks after the rainforest directly. Original beans chocolate, used in many Michelin-starred restaurants tastes great, is good you and looks after the planet. Be part of that, feel good: click here to order some now!

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Granite baking stoneGranite Baking Stone - £36

30cm by 30cm and 3cm thick. A baker’s best asset is a hot surface … and a great baking stone is an essential. By getting the cooking surface really hot your baked goods get a good professional bakery finish to them. The top surface is polished and the edges are bevelled. This eye-catching stone is also perfect for baking artisan pizzas.

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The Pocket Bakery Book - Rose PrinceSigned copy of Rose Prince’s Pocket Bakery £18.99

We have a limited number of signed copies of Rose Prince’s super new book. We love reading Rose’s column in the Telegraph each week, so this book is a real treat. Full of reliable, no nonsense recipes, Rose’s book is packed full of advice from someone who never holds back a baking tip or secret.  It’s as generous as a book gets, with everything you could possibly want to bake in over Easter.  From bread to cakes to biscuits, it a must have book for your baking collection add yours to your baking book shelf today !

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