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Why use a stainless steel mixing bowl to make bread?

Steel mixing bowl


If you read last week's beginners breed recipe then you might have spotted my daughter holding a beautiful large stainless steel mixing bowl. I've had lots of people asking about it so here is a little bit more on mixing bowls.

A decent mixing bowl is an essential basic item in any baker’s kitchen. I love my old style  pottery bowls, but I would never be without a professional stainless steel one. One of the main differences that I notice between professional bakeries or kitchens and domestic kitchens is the size of the bowls.  In most instances in life bigger is not necessarily better, but in the case of a mixing bowl bigger is most definitely better. If you are mixing by hand then a larger bowl allows you to get more air into your product, and gives you plenty of room for your dough to rise, without panicking that the dough is going to make it’s way over and out.

I also love the feel of stainless steel.  It’s clean and won’t smash if you, or your children drop it. These particular bowls are wide which enables you to comfortably knead dough in the bowl. They nest one within the other and are easy to wash, including in the dishwasher. Another advantage of a stainless steel bowl, over plastic, is that cling-film attaches securely around the rim. I find that generally film doesn't attach satisfactorily to plastic bowls.

They are relatively inexpensive,  lightweight and easy to hold, and they don't slip about (but if I am mixing allot then I put a damp tea towel down on the kitchen side anyway just to make sure that they don’t slip.  Last but not least they are easy to clean, and will last a lifetime.


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