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Roasted Barley Malt (RBM) Flour (Vistamalt Black Flour 1250)

Muntons RBM Roasted Barley Malt Flour (now known as Vistamalt Black Flour 1250), extremely dark non-diastatic roasted barley malt flour great for brown bread, rolls and bagels.

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As low as £3.38 £3.38
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BakeryBits has a range of high-quality, specialist malted ingredients used by professional bakers but not normally available in smaller, more manageable quantities. Each has characteristics that change the bread colour, flavour, crust, crumb or rise in specific ways and are used to enhanced speciality breads and rolls. The typical uses of each malted ingredient are listed, but these are guides rather than rules - experiment! This is the malt flour used in the recipe for Malt Soil in a recent Daily Telegraph article by Xanthe Clay.

Roasted Barley Malt (RBM) flour is an extremely dark non-diastatic roasted barley malt flour. It has a tremendously deep, rich and warm flavour to match its dark, red-brown colour. It is typically used in rye bread to give a richer colour and to brown or wholemeal breads or bagels to give a more rounded flavour and warmer colour. Typical usage is 5-10g (0.5-1%) per 1kg flour, but the exact quantity is up to you to decide.

Try some, the smell alone is mouthwatering! Some recipes using Muntons ingredients here.