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Simple Sourdough Starter Kit

A simple kit containing the items needed to make your first sourdough loaf including dried sourdough starter and a pot to store it, flour, proving basket, scraper and grignette for slashing the dough.

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Configurable Options

Bordelaise Professional Lame or Grignette
San Francisco Sourdough Bread Starter
BakeryBits San Francisco Sourdough Starter Instructions
Sourdough Storage Pot 700ml
Flexible Dough Scraper
1kg / 2.2lb Round Cane Banneton
Stainless Mixing Bowl, Rolled Top 30cm

A basic kit to get you going baking sourdough bread. We've included a sachet of sourdough starter and a pot to store it in, some flour, a proving basket to hold the proving dough, a mixing bowl to mix your dough, an essential scraper and a grignette for slashing your dough before baking.