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Slight Second Traditional 2lb or 900g Double-Coated Non-Stick Tin

Very slight second traditional 2lb or 900g high-sided, double coated with a tough Teflon non-stick coating. Typically these have a slightly dinged rim.

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This is a slight-second, traditionally shaped non-stick, 1lb or 450g high-sided, double-coated bread tin using a non-stick coating (non Teflon). It has approximate dimensions of 185x115x88mm or 7¼x4½x3½" (length x width x height), suitable for temperatures up to 230C.

This is a British-made product and suitable for dishwashing and freezing. Always dry thoroughly. Lightly oil with a vegetable oil before each use.

Slight second - typically this means a slightly dinged rim but will function perfectly well.