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Snow Sugar (Dusting Sugar)

Sweet Snow is used in place of iciing sugar for dusting cakes. Unlike icing sugar, it does not dissolve away so that cakes that are kept in the fridge, frozen or wrapped will keep the freshly dusted look.

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As low as USD$4.06 USD$4.06
In stock
As low as USD$4.06 USD$4.06
In stock

Icing sugar tends to dissolve when frozen, thawed, chilled, wrapped or in high humidity conditions. Sweet snow is made from detrose rather than sucrose, which is encapsulated to stop it from dissolving when used for dusting. Ideal when used instead of icing sugar for dusting cakes such as doughnuts, stollen and sponges where they are to be wrapped or frozen, or just kept in the fridge for a little while.

Note that the ingredients in this product can make it tend to form clumps in the bag. The product is completely fine - it has simply settled in the bag - you might need to knock the clumps out with a spoon before use.

Application: sprinkle liberally onto the warm cake.

Ingredients: dextrose, cornflour, hydrogenated vegetable oil, flavouring

Allergens: Produced on a line handling wheat, rye, barley, spelt, oats, kamut, egg, soya, celery and milk

Suitable for vegetarians. 

Made in the UK.