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Sourdough by Martin Fjeld and Casper Lugg

A new favourite. We stock only a select range of bread books and this one deserves a place. A wide range of interesting sourdough recipes suitable for beginners and improvers. From heritage grains to tinned loaves, there is something of interest for all keen bakers, accompanied by beautiful photography.

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Sourdough is a traditional style of bread that is both healthy and delicious, making it the favourite of artisan bakers. Sourdough takes patience, forethought and love to produce, and its rise in popularity is indicative of a greater shift towards a more mindful, considered way of living. Join the revolution!

The recipes in this beautiful book are an invitation into a peaceful and wholesome way of living.

In here our wildest baking dreams come true. – Tom Herbert, sourdoughnation.com

I took one look at this book and literally fell in love with it. It’s not just the beautiful photographs, but the sheer simplicity of the words. They inspire. You can almost touch the moist delicate crumbs, and smell the warm golden fresh baked bread as you turn the pages. Yet, Sourdough is a very practical guide to producing the most delicious, nutritious bread with very little time, eff ort or cost. You only need flour, water, salt and trust...– Vanessa Kimbell – The Sourdough School

Sourdough is the oldest form of leavened bread and many of the thousands of supporters that the Real Bread Campaign has welcomed since 2008 would agree that genuine sourdough like this is still the best. – Chris Young – Real Bread Campaign



Casper André Lugg and Martin Ivar Hveem Fjeld are two young bakers, born in Fredrikstad, Norway, in 1985. They have developed their passion for sourdough through years of practice and have shared their enthusiasm with a growing number of social media followers. Their commitment to using time-honoured techniques coupled with ancient grains is showcased beautifully in Sourdough, which is their first publication. They both live in Norway.