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Sourdough School Starter

Sourdough Club members are international, so although this is a gift you will need to pay your own postage. You can also add in other products if you want. We recommend that you refresh this with a white roller milled flour such as the Mulino Marino 00 Soffiata, but feel free to use your local flour.

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The starter will need refreshing the moment you get it, as it will have been travelling from The Sourdough School to you.

Instructions. For optimal results we suggest that you refresh twice back to back.

1st refreshment (we suggest at about midday)

You will need:

100g of white flour
100g of water at between 26C and 28C
& the pot of starter in the pack.

Mix the starter from the pot, the flour and the water together directly in the jar. Leave at an ambient temperature for 8 – 10 hours. You now need to repeat this.

Discard all but 25g of this now bubbly starter discard the remaining starter you can use it in pancakes of waffles or save it for the rye recipe on page 127.

2ndrefreshment mix (do this 8 – 10 hours later on the same day 8 – 10pm)

25g of the refreshed starter from the pot
100g of white flour
100g of water at between 26C and 28C

Leave at an ambient temperature for 8 – 10 hours. The following day between 6am and 8am your starter is then really active and ready to use.
Please use your starter at this point to make a leaven for the classic retarded loaf on page 114 and remember to pop your starter straight into the fridge whilst it is lovely and bubbly. (Failure to put your starter in the fridge at this point will make it less lively.)
Refresh this way every week, always before you bake. It should be lively and bubbly and smelling of yogurt when it is ready to use.
Please see The Sourdough School book or go the sourdough club members login for more detailed instructions.
* Please note that our sourdough starters are ONLY posted out twice a month. We build the starter here at the school to ensure each starter is in peak condition and at its most active. Your kit will be sent at the same time as the starter.
* IT IS ESSENTIAL that when you receive your starter it is refreshed immediately in accordance with the instructions
* For best results, continue to refresh your starter using the recommended flour. Using a different flour can alter the microbial composition of the starter and may affect its level of activity.

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As low as USD$21.02 USD$21.02

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Sourdough School Starter
Sourdough School Starter

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USD$21.02 USD$21.02