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Spun Iron Cloche

A beautifully handmade spun black iron cloche made in Shropshire. Sitting on a 12" rimmed base, the dome is complete with cast-iron knob and brass rivets.

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Netherton Foundry

A beautifully crafted British made hand-spun black iron cloche, with brass rivets and cast iron knob on the top, sitting on a 12" rimmed baking tray, which can be used separately. 

Most domestic ovens are less than ideal when it come to a beautiful loaf with maximum oven spring. What baking dough needs is immediate, even heat and steam. The heat provides the rise and the steam keeps the crust soft throughout the time it is rising. The result is bread that reaches its full potential giving an evenly baked, golden open crumbed sourdough. The perfet way to achieve this is with a cloche.

  • This cloche is PTFE free
  • Pre-seasoned organic British grown flax oil for a natural non-stick finish.
  • It is strong and light will bake the perfect golden loaf.
  • Made with 99.1% pure iron bell and a tray with brass rivets.
  • Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas & wood fired ovens.
  • Can be used in very hot ovens, safe up to at least 300ºC (572F).



The total height including the knob is 19cm (7.5"). The internal height is 16cm (6.25") and the diameter is 31cm (12.25"). The lip on the base is 2cm (0.75") and the total weight is  1.77kg (3lb 14oz).



Using for the first time.
You can use the cloche immediately.

Just rinse in hot water - don’t use soap or detergent and dry thoroughly.

Re-seasoning at home.
This is easy to do and quickly returns your cloche to a smooth, black, easy to clean finish. Important, if the tin has any rust spots simply remove these with fine sand paper or steel wool. Wash tin in very hot soapy water, you may need to scrub with a scouring pad or stiff brush and dry thoroughly. Cover all surfaces of the cloche with a very thin coating of flax oil using kitchen towel. A thin coating gives best results. Place cloche in the oven. Place a baking tray under the cloche to catch any dripping oil. Heat oven to MAX (approx 250ºC/400F,  Gas Mark 8). Once the oven is up to temperature, maintain for one hour. Then switch off the oven, allow the tin to cool slowly and store in an airy dry place.

Which oils can I use for re-seasoning?
For best results use flax oil (edible linseed oil). Olive and nut oils are not effective seasoning oils.

Do not use boiled linseed oil, this is not edible.


Baking every day
To get bread loaves to release perfectly every time we recommend giving the inside of the cloche a very thin wipe of olive oil just before use and I often use a sprinkle of semolina.

Sweet breads & Cheese Sourdough
Additional care is required when you cook recipes containing sugar (eg sweet sourdough, sourdough with inclusions such as cheese fruit breads). To prevent bread from sticking, we recommend lining the loaf tin with baking parchment, butter papers or using a tin liner.

Cleaning the pre-seasoned cloche
After most baking uses your cloche will not require washing, just dust off, this preserves the seasoning.

If you do need to wash, never clean the cloche in in a dish washer.

Don't ever place a hot iron tin into very cold water, this will cause it to warp!

After use, clean the base of the cloche tin with a stiff natural bristle brush and hot water. Do not use soap & definitely do not ever use detergents.

If you find that some mixture has stuck, try boiling some water in the tin to soften it. Dry immediately. Never allow the iron  tin to stand damp or wet as this will encourage rusting.

Storing the cloche.
Store in a dry airy place. Don't cover as this can trap moisture and encourage rust.



Also remember, a hot iron retains heat, so always pick up the cloche using oven gloves                                 


Designed by: Vanessa Kimbell

Developed by: Netherton Foundry