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Stoate's Organic Strong White Flour

Stoate's Organic Strong White Flour is made from their brown flour which is sieved to remove almost all of the bran particles producing a stoneground white flour with a creamy colour and exceptional flavour.

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As low as £2.59 £2.59
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As low as £2.59 £2.59
In stock

Stoate's stoneground organic white flour (protein 12.8%), due to the nature of its production is not as 'white' as mass produced rollerground flour that you will find in the supermarkets. The heat generated during the slow and gentle milling process is just sufficient to distribute the wheat germ oil evenly, while retaining the natural vitamins and minerals in the finished flour. The flavour of baked goods are greatly enhanced by this traditional method of production. Produced by fifth generation Stoate's family millers based in Dorset, the award winning bread flour is stoneground from a blend of high protein sieved to remove almost all of the bran, yielding an exceptional creamy white flour with excellent flavour and baking properties. Choose between 1.5kg and 8kg bags. (32kg available on request and pallet delivery).