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Sunmix Spiral Dough Mixer - Queen Line Single Motor (25-60kg)

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Sunmix Queen-Line mixers, exclusively distributed by BakeryBits in UK, are available with either one or two motors and with dough capacity from 30 to 60kg for the single motor (single phase) and 25 to 300kg for the 2-motor (3-phase) version.

The models shown here are single motor and single phase and are perfect for micro bakeries looking for a sophisticated, top-controlled mixer. The spiral action with calibrated breaker bar makes it ideal for mixing sourdough in larger quantities.

If confused about the options, or you have any questions, contact us.

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£4,893.56 £4,077.97
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£4,893.56 £4,077.97
In stock
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Made in Italy, range of Sunmix Queen-Line spiral mixers for artisan bakers are available in either single motor models (with single phase, domestic power supply) and dual motor models (3-phase power supply) in 25-60kg and 25-300kg capacities respectively. Those shown here are single motor and single phase (for domestic style electrical supply).

Queen-Line mixers are controlled with a sophisticated touch screen panel with memory for up to 10 mixing recipes, allowing for quick change-over and consistent mixing.

Further, the Queen-Line mixers have infra-red dough temperature monitoring which allows you to control the maximum temperature that the dough may reach during mixing.

The single motor, single phase models (these ones) are suitable for dough hydration down to 60% hydration (lower hydration needs the dual motor, 3-phase model).

The Queen-Line mixers are available in several colours as standard (optionally, any other RAL colour).

Choose your options including the dough capacity, colour and power supply. The Sunmix mixers are made to order so allow up to 25 days for delivery to you (delivery is included for UK and Ireland).



  • Mixing capacity from 25 to 60kg.
  • Single motor, single-phase (domestic electrical supply)
  • Top-mounted touch control panel.
  • Dough illumination
  • Dough temperature sensing
  • High resistance stainless steel bowl, spiral arm and breaking bar.
  • Stainless steel safety guard.
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearing transmission.
  • The paint comprises certified non-toxic powdered epoxy.
  • The electrical system and safety devices are in accordance with the strictest CE regulations.
  • 12 month warranty.


Mixer Max Dough
Flour Capacity (kg) Min Dough
(W x D x H) cm
Speeds Power Supply
Queen 25-1 25 15 2.5 35 43 x 71 x 78 100 70-300rpm Domestic 230V (1-phase)
Queen 30-1 30 18 3 45 48 x 80 x 96 130 70-300rpm Domestic 230V (1-phase)
Queen 40-1 40 22 4 55 54 x 85 x 96 140 70-300rpm Domestic 230V (1-phase)
Queen 50-1 50 26 5 67 54 x 100 x 110 220 70-300rpm Domestic 230V (1-phase)
Queen 60-1 60 28 6 81 58 x 100 x 110 230 70-300rpm Domestic 230V (1-phase)