The Challenger Bread Pan - for the Crustiest Loaf

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If you want that perfect even rise, a fin-like rip where you’ve slashed the top, and a glossy deep bronze crust then the Challenger Bread Pan is the answer. Using your existing oven it encloses your dough in a cast-iron case while it bakes, holding in the steam and ensuring an even heat radiating on the dough from all directions. Finally you can achieve that show-stopping look to your bread right from your home kitchen.

Note that this is the revised, refined Challenger model as per the image.


Enclosing your dough while it bakes has many advantages:

The Challenger’s cast-iron build holds lots of heat, getting the dough really hot and quickly.

The cast-iron construction overcomes any unevenness in the oven (which most have) and gives an even bake.

More heat from the bottom crust means more upward lift, especially on high-hydration dough

The steam generated by the baking dough is trapped, allowing it to rise to its fullest.

Holding the steam encourages the crust to colour, and achieve perfect crispiness.

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