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The Larousse Book of Bread by Éric Kayser

Hailed as one of France's best bakers Éric Kayser is passionate about creating artisan bread and showing people how easily it can be made. In this new book The Larousse Book of Bread, Éric has created an iconic culinary bible of artisan bread published for the first time in English.

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‘People today are seeking authenticity in all kinds of things, and what could be better than bread, when it is made honestly with no trickery or artifice, to convey this feeling of authenticity?’ - Éric Kayser

Éric explains that bread-making needn’t be complex and that great bread can be created by using four essential ingredients in bread making: flour, the starter, salt, and water. Plus a fifth ingredient: passion.

The book presents the 80 bread recipes that both home cooks and more advanced bakers would like to master. The book includes traditional loaves such as the boule and baguette; specialty breads for example rye, pumpernickel; oil enriched breads such as ciabatta and pizza bread; sweet pastries and breads including croissants, Paris buns and a brioche loaf.

Each recipe is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and vital step-by-step photography taking you through every stage of the bread-making process. The Larousse Book of Bread is an indispensable resource for both beginner and professional bakers alike and an essential addition to any cookery library.