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The Priors Organic Rye Grain

Grind your own flour from The Priors Organic Rye Grain or cracked rye, made from a variety called Matador, grown at Hammonds End Farm in Hertfordshire.

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As low as £6.84 £6.84
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As low as £6.84 £6.84
In stock

The Priors Organic Rye Grain from Foster's Mill, suitable for you to mill at home.

Foster's Mill Flour Specification
Name of Flour:

Prior's Organic Rye Grain


Carotop Rye Grain

Certified Organic: Yes

Hammonds End Farm, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

% Protein:

8.16% = strong rye flour

Granularity: Whole Grains - unmilled

Rye breads, sourdough levain, other breads where you want to add some flavour of rye

Baking Comments:

Rye flours are challenging to work with. Expect the dough to be sticky to work with and, as with other stoneground flours, be ready to reduce the amount of water specified in your recipe as the starch in the flour is less chopped up than in a roller milled process