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The Priors Semolina Flour
The Priors Organic Semolina The Priors Semolina Flour The Priors Semolina Flour


The Priors Organic Semolina

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The Priors Organic Semolina
The Prior's Organic Semolina from Foster's Mill is wheat semolina, a coarse meal which is one of the extractions from the white flour making process. In this process the meal (wholemeal) flour is sifted to release the white starch of the grain (white flour), semolina and bran.
Product Description


    Semolina means "semi milled" and this flour is a product of the dressing or sieving process used to make white flour. Most of this extraction of flour is created from the outer part of the endosperm and part of the bran layer around the seed. Semolina is used to lubricate peels and trays, to stop the dough sticking. You can also add it to flours to add flavour and texture to your dough.

    NOTE this is not Durum Wheat Semolina, you cannot make milk puddings with it!

    Foster's Mill Flour Specification
    Name of Flour:

    Prior's Stoneground Organic Semolina


    Mulika Wheat

    Certified Organic: Yes

    Hammonds End Farm, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

    % Protein:

    14% = Strong Flour

    Medium to Coarse

    Lubricating peels / tins / bannetons / adding to dough to add granular texture to flour. Not suited for fine breads

    In Eastern Europe, this extraction of flour is added to bread dough as a paste (moistened with water) to increase the moisture retention of the bread (keep it softer for longer). The Germans call it "Schrott".


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