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The Priors Organic Wheaten Meal (Very Coarse Wholemeal Flour)

The Priors Wheaten Meal is made from English Mulika wheat and very coarsely stoneground to make a traditional flour suitable for Irish soda bread.

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As low as USD$8.97 USD$8.97
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As low as USD$8.97 USD$8.97
In stock

The Priors Wheaten Meal from Foster's Mill is a very coarse ground wholemeal flour with chunks of grain mashed into the flour. It is created to emulate flour as ground in querns and other early forms of milling process. As such it is perfect for soda breads and wheaten scones.

Foster's Mill Flour Specification
Name of Flour:


Prior's Stoneground Wheaten Meal


Mulika Wheat

Certified Organic: Yes

Hammonds End Farm, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

% Protein:

 14% = Strong Flour

Granularity: Coarse

 Soda Breads, adding to yeasted and sourdough dough to achieve a coarse grain texture. Not suited to Ciabatta

Baking Comments:

 The stoneground milling process leaves the starch in the flour more intact than in roller milled flour. As a result the flour take up less water - be prepared to reduce the amount of water stated in the recipe you are using to compensate