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The Sourdough School Nkuku Mango Wood Board

Vanessa of The Sourdough School says - the problem with most breadboards is that they are usually square or rectangular. Sometimes they are of course round but they are never, ever quite big enough. I don’t know how many times my bread has simply been too big for a particular board and I find myself frustrated and with crumbs everywhere. What I actually need when I bake a sourdough boule is a beautiful large breadboard, that’s isn’t simply just big enough to show off my sourdough loaf but is also made in a way that is as ethical, as sustainable, as natural and as beautiful as the creation of the bread that we make.

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Vanessa of The Sourdough School says:

I love the fact that this board is made by a wood polisher in Rajasthan. I love that I can see with absolute clarity who made this board and know that they were paid a fair and just price, and that in buying this I have supported someone and their family whilst also supporting sustainable mango wood production. 

We go far beyond just making bread at the Sourdough School we look at everything surrounding the bread. I think perhaps one of the most charming things about this particular breadboard is that it is reflective of our ethics and our values here at the Sourdough School and when you make and serve bread with love and integrity, it stands to good reason that what you serve them on also has that same integrity and connection to the people and the planet that the bread does. So this is the board I serve our bread on. I thought I would share my love of this with you. 

I think it is time we rethink not just our bread but everything around the bread and what it really means to bake. It is time we look at what we buy and how we buy it. 

Of course this board can be used to serve more than just bread – you can serve pizza, cheese, antipasti and in fact any sweet or savoury dish on here.

Care instructions: to care for your mango wood wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry immediately. To nourish and protect the natural wood rub linseed into the surface with a cloth.

Large - size: 59cm x 46cm x 2cm

Material: sustainable mango wood, leather tie