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The Sourdough School Wooden Spurtle

I realised some time ago that I needed something incredibly beautiful and tactile to mix my sourdough starter with. I had seen some porridge made with a ‘spurtle’ and I realised that was it - something that is not metal, that won’t react with the starter and its acidity once the starter is mature, but also something that I can mix with, without the worry that I am going to break my precious sourdough starter pots.

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A spurtle is a Scottish wooden kitchen tool used to mix soup, stews, porridge and broth. They date as far back as the 15thcentury.

Our Sourdough School spurtles came about as a result of mixing sourdough starter in a jar with a spoon. Sometimes when you are really mixing up the flour and the water you have to be quite forceful, not least because you need to get plenty of oxygen in to increase the levels of the yeasts. And unfortunately I was over vigorous and I put the spoon right through the bottom of the pot. It’s funny now but at the time it wasn’t, I had ruined a pot, and ruined my sourdough starter, and it was in that moment that I realised I needed to address the way in which I was mixing, or rather the tool that I was using. 

I love this tactile piece of wood. I only ever wash it with a little warm water. I would suggest that once every few weeks you very gently wipe it over with an edible oil. Do make sure it is food grade, and it needs the tiniest amount just to keep it seasoned. Other than that it can indeed be used to make porridge. 

Otherwise I think there is something really beautiful about using the same equipment over and over again as part of a rhythm and routine. This is a handmade ethically sourced spurtle that has been made by EJ of Hatchet + Bear who puts as much love into his craftsmanship as I do into my sourdough. I think they go together very beautifully.

Carved from: a walnut tree, with a metal rivet

Size: approximately 30cm long