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Yorkshire Heather Honey, 330g

The fabulously flowery nose of this Yorkshire heather honey heralds a burst of bittersweet barley-sugar and cinder toffee tastes and granular texture. Warm, with a rich glow on the palate.

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Bermondsey Street Bees

There are many different moorlands in Britain, each making a distinctly different honey. This Yorkshire Heather honey from Bermondsey Street Bees comes from the remote, most northerly of the Yorkshire moors, where Ling heather carpets the ground with nectar-rich purple flowers for a few weeks each autumn. The bees are taken up to the moors to feast on this extraordinary, bittersweet bounty. One of the oldest honey varietals known to man, heather honeys have been greatly prized since the time of the ancient Greeks.

The honey is supplied in an attractive 330g jar. The honey is cold extracted and filtered to preserve the delicate flavours. Raw honey may naturally crystalise over time which changes the texture but not the flavour. To return it to liquid, loosen the lid and stand the jar in hot water.