Wooden Cases

Wooden Cases

Panibois makes a wide range of sustainable cases, baskets and boxes made from locally grown and replenished timber. Fully biodegradable and attractive, they are good for cake bakes, lasagne, focaccia or even to serve chips! The list is endless.

Sustainable Packaging

Panibois is based in the Fôret d'Orléans in France, the largest national forest of the country. The timber used by Panibois is locally produced from managed stocks from the enormous forest to produce sustainable and fully degradable packaging.

The Baking Mould Inventor

Panibois invented the biodegradable wooden case and now they are seen all over the world in bakery, chilled foods takeaways and myriad other applications. The popularity has grown as plastics are increasingly avoided and simply because food presented in them looks good - so are popular with farm shops.

Wooden Cases - a high quality range, we stock only what we like and have tried.
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