Bakers' Thermometers and Timers

Thermometers & Timers

For precise baking we've a range of digital thermometers, timers and a pH meter for those wanting an extra scientific level to their sourdough baking.

What type of thermometer is used for baking bread?

Bread is baked when it reaches 90C. So, to be certain that your carefully created loaf is perfectly baked a probe thermometer is ideal. The Dot probe thermometer is great for this as the shielded wire between the probe and display allows you to push the probe into the dough and to leave it in there while it's baking, with the display being kept outside the oven. It has an alarm to let you know when it has reached your desired temperature.

Which thermometer for a wood-fired oven?

The temperature inside a wood-fired oven can be very uneven and, without lots of experience, be much too hot or much too cool for bread baking. Get it wrong and the base of the loaf can be carbonised in minutes if too hot or the loaf can be lank and a bit sad looking if too cold. A sure-fire way to be certain that the oven is neither too hot nor too cool but just right is to use an infra-red thermometer. Use one to check the hearth temperature and the dome. Much above 300C and the oven is too hot and much below 220C then it is too cold.

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