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Baking Equipment

Baking Equipment

All manner of baking equipment for the micro-bakery, domestic or home baker, restaurant and retail bakery... in short,  if you want something for baking then BakeryBits probably sell it, and at a great price.

BakeryBits is a leading UK stockist of the brilliant Ankarsrum Mixer from Sweden, stocks a huge range of Panibois wooden baking baskets, and is the UK distributor for Chicago Metallic, who make some of the best commercial bakerware available.

Proving basketstins, trayslamescouches proving cloths and  flour tubs - everything the baker needs.

Baking Equipment - a high quality range, we stock only what we like and have tried.
BakeryBits is the trusted supplier of artisanal bakery equipment and ingredients, there is no compromise on our Baking Equipment.