Stoneground Flour For Bread Making

Stoneground Flour For Bread Making

Stoneground flour is produced by grinding grain to a powder usually powered by watermill, windmill or latterly, electrically. The result from stone-grinding is always wholemeal flour - to make white flour, the wholemeal flour is sifted to remove the bran. The result is a tasty and nutritious flour containing the wheatgerm and made the way it has been for millennia.

Stoneground Flour Milling

Traditionally, all flour was stoneground. Whether powered by wind or water, the mills rotate two stones, the best being French burr stones, with specially shaped grooves so that grain introduced through a hole in the upper stone is ground to a powder and drops from the outside of the stones where it is collected. Periodically, the stones need to be re-grooved, a skilled job that has been in demand for many 100s of years.

Milling White Flour

The resultant flour directly from the stones contains the whole grain - it is wholemeal flour so to make white flour, it needs to be sifted to remove some or all of the bran. The flour left behind is yellow-white in colour as it still contains the wheat-germ which is where most of the flour's flavour and nutrition is found.

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