BakeryBits Baking and Panibois Cases

Baking Cases & Panibois

The widest variety of paper baking cases and wooden cases for baking cakes and breads at BakeryBits. Lots of different paper cases including those for panettone, tarts and flans, loaf-cakes and plum-cakes, muffins and colomba pasquale for the home baker to micro-bakery. We are the UK's supplier of Panibois wooden baking baskets, Panibois tart rings the sustainable baking basket made from fully biodegradable materials in an extensive range of sizes and available from BakeryBits in small to large quantities.

Baking Cases & Panibois - a high quality range, we stock only what we like and have tried.
BakeryBits is the trusted supplier of artisanal bakery equipment and ingredients, there is no compromise on our Baking Cases & Panibois.