Events Catering

Events Catering

What can be better than eating a tasty meal outside in a beautiful location? Weddings, garden parties and many other events take place outside in the summer months. Buffet portions are ever popular with an increasing drive for sustainability. We specialise in cases for individual portions that are fully compostable such that over time, there is no trace of the event - even if the case is dropped into a hedge. What's more, the wooden and paper cases need no double handling: they are portioned before being baked and are presented in the baking case. Less waste, less washing up and they look great.

Compostable Presentation Cases

We have a wide selection of fully compostable (in a home compost heap), fully biodegradable cases for individual portions. Perfect for buffets and outdoor catering since they require no de-traying or portioning. All the cases are self-supporting so need no special trays - so even less washing up.

These cases are extremely popular in France and many other parts of Europe with a strong tradition for outdoor eating...and we're gradually finding our way to them here too!

Panibois "Amuse Bouche"

The little wooden rings with baking paper from Panibois come in 6 sizes and are supplied per carton (quantity 4-500). They are typically used for individual quiches, sponges, olives and other nibbles. No part is returnable for washing up so can simply go into a food-waste bin.

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