Flour from Matthews Cotswold Flour

Matthews Cotswold Flour

With a milling legacy spanning eight generations, Matthews Cotswold Flour is one of the UK’s oldest family-run flour mills. Trading grain and milling flour in the heart of the Cotswolds since the 1800s, we believe passionately that our local partnerships, traditional methods and premium grains make for better baking. We are proud to offer premium quality Organic and Stoneground Wholegrain flour, using grain from local farmers and time-honoured milling techniques.

Array of green painted roller-milling machines at Matthews Cotswold Flour.Array of green painted roller-milling machines at Matthews Cotswold Flour.

Roller-Milled Flour

Today most flour consumed in Europe and USA is roller-milled, largely replacing the traditional stone-ground flour that has dominated for millennia. Invented in Hungary in the 19th century, it separates the grain into the basic components, bran, germ and endosperm (white flour). Compared to stone-ground flour, roller-milled white flour is really white since, unlike stoneground flour, the wheat germ is removed. The resultant white flour is beautifully white, used extensively in white bread, cakes and pastries.

It is often fortified to add in nutrition that is otherwise present in the wheatgerm which remains in the stone-ground flour.

Matthews Cotswold Flour mill has been roller-milling for decades to produce a wide-range of blends used by professional and hobby bakers across the UK.

Matthews Cotswold Flour - a high quality range, we stock only what we like and have tried.
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