Foricher Les Moulins French Flour

Foricher Les Moulins French Flour

Foricher is a French flour milling company, formed in 1997 and now with a series of mills across France. They mill a range of flours from the fine pâtisserie flour T45, the very popular Bagatelle (certified baguette) T65 and the delicious stoneground T80 flour. Milled using high specification cereals, they have an organic "biologique" range and CRC which is a very high quality non-organic range. Available in 1kg, 5kg and 25kg bags, this is some of the very best French flour that you will find.

Foricher CRC cereals for Label Rouge Flour

Foricher uses CRC-certified cereals (a French quality standard, grown in the Loiret and Yonne regions of France, limiting chemical applications and close tracking from field to mill) to make a range of Label Rouge flours which are selected and blended for consistently high quality flours with no enzymes added.

What is Bagatelle Flour?

The BAGATELLE baguette is the only traditional French baguette with the Label Rouge certification, guaranteeing its superior quality, excellent handling qualities and flavour. BAGATELLE is the only baguette with consistent superior taste qualities and is therefore sought after by artisan bakers.

Foricher Les Moulins French Flour - a high quality range, we stock only what we like and have tried.
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