Mulino Marino Mill Flour

Mulino Marino Mill Flour

Mulino Marino is one of the very best Italian organic flour mills. Located midway between Turin and Genoa in northern Italy, the multi-generational artisanal flour mill does focusses on achieving the very best organic flour possible. Mulino Marino has close working relationships with its farmers, paying fair rates for excellent quality and mill using its 19th century stone mills or its modern roller-mills, depending on the flour being made.

The Mulino Marino Flour Range

The mill produces a wide range of fantastic flours including the ever popular Type 00 Soffiata which is an extremely lively flour with applications from pasta to amazing baguettes and ciabatta. It is an excellent flour for feeding sourdough starters and to give a more tricky flour a little help when blended. Other very popular flours include the Mulino Marino Manitoba for panettone and other enriched doughs and the delightful Semolina which is lovely when used to make a white loaf with a little more bite, for pasta even for dusting.


Mulino Marino Ethos

Mulino Marino is a 100% organic mill, working exclusively with grains from certified organic sources. Since its beginnings Mulino Marino has always had a profound respect for the highest quality cereals and its producers. That’s why Mulino Marino mills flours slowly, without compromise, maintaining the tastes, smells and nutritional values of the original grains found in the field.

The Italian organic flours from Mulino Marino are quite special, used by some of the world's top bakers and worthy of any fine bread baking.

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