BakeryBits kindness baked in


A business with kindness baked-in. Look around, shop slow, ask anything.

BakeryBits' mission is to help people to eat better, healthier bread and to develop their bread baking skills

When Patrick Thornberry’s search for the perfect proofing basket ended with a job lot to sell, an idea was born. As a business-minded individual with a good head for figures, he set to work seeking out and selling hard to find baking bits and bobs to people like him, people who loved to bake and wanted to buy quality equipment and ingredients to make the best bakes.

That was in 2008. Since then, BakeryBits has grown into a community of like-minded bakers of all shapes and sizes, from suburban sourdough makers to professional pâtissiers. It’s an ever-expanding pantry, home for anyone who loves to bake. Growing with every suggestion and passing enquiry - if you need something, BakeryBits will find it.

There’s a lot that goes into making a good loaf of bread. It takes care and attention to detail, patience and quality ingredients. Patrick designed BakeryBits with the same principles; only sourcing the best quality products at a reasonable price, always providing a happy and thriving life for his long term employees, and maintaining a responsible approach to packaging. It’s all in the details, everything down to the sticky tape has been sourced with the same ethos - which is made from biodegradable cellulose from trees, if you’re curious.

This is a business where kindness is baked in. Come in, shop slow, ask anything.

soil association logo

BakeryBits is certified by Soil Association as a wholesaler selling organically certified products as well as non-organic products. Organic products certified to the Soil Association organic standards display the Soil Association logo on the product page.