We’ve always made strides to reduce our plastic consumption at BakeryBits but have recently been able to step this up with the advent of some new packaging. A little more expensive than plastic but we want to maintain a high standard in this regard. Naturally, we’re keen recyclers too so keep waste arising to a minimum – and as far as we can, we have it recycled.

For some time now at BakeryBits, we have moved all our packaging to be plastic-free. We use plastic-free cardboard boxes, paper rather than plastic mailing bags, a form of paper bubble-wrap known as bobble-wrap and paper rather than plastic tape. We use some Sellotape – the original, cellulose version that is made from trees and is therefore biodegradable. For void-filling spaces in boxes we use shredded cardboard from boxes sent to us (so sometimes these have odd bits of plastic tape on) and we re-use any plastic packaging that we have received rather than binning it to give it a little extra use. A business nearby generates large amounts of empty paper sacks that have been used for the transport of herbs and we use these too as needed.

The only plastic we haven’t been able to avoid to date is the cling-wrap that is needed on pallets. Despite looking, we haven’t found an alternative to this so keep its use to a minimum. Let us know if you know of a suitable solution please!