Wildfarmed Flour - for regenerative agriculture

Wildfarmed Flour

Wildfarmed is all about low input farming - no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides and with biodiversity at the heart of all activities. Varieties are selected to suit companion planting with other crops that either provide a secondary crop in the same field or that increase habitat, protect or restore depleted soils.

Wildfarmed takes grain mostly from British farms and also a small number of French farms, allowing for the selection of the ideal grain for each flour style, while paying farmers a fair rate and working with them to further develop low input, biodiverse farming techniques.

Heritage or Modern Wheat Varieties?

At Wildfarmed, wheat varieties are selected to be tall, regardless of the heritage of the cereal itself - rather, they select based on the performance that is needed to suit the growing environment, with low input and supporting of under-crops for biodiversity and regenerative agriculture.

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