BakeryBits Bread Tins

Bread Tins

Loaf tins for every occasion, from petite 3/8"lb loaf tin to large 4lb tins for the largest loaves, crumpet rings for crumpets or English muffins. Bread pans support the dough as it proofs and then as it bakes to give a baked loaf of the shape desired. Most are conventional open-topped with high or shallow side but we also have a range of special Pullman pans that have a slide-on lid to give you a sandwich loaf or pumpernickel.


Loaf Tins

Loaf tins are used for supporting bread dough as it proofs and also while baking. This can be useful for some doughs that have less strength than others, those using spelt flour for example as these loaves often cannot support themselves. Otherwise, the baker may use a bread tin for the style of loaf, such as a farmhouse loaf. They vary hugely - from conventional bread tins to crumpet rings.

Pullman Pans 

We have a wide range of specialist Pullman Pans (bread tins with lids). These are designed to give the loaf a square profile, that is, each slice is square as the bread, while baking rises to fill the tin but is trapped by the flat slide-on lid. This is useful for making sandwich loaves or for pumpernickel.

New England Roll Pan

We even have a New England roll pan from USA Pan. Good for savoury bread rolls, for barbecued sausages or equally for soft finger rolls.

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